Every year thousands of people from all over the world imigrate to Canada and BC in particular to fulfil their dreams and achieve a better lifestyle. While they work on their dreams, they are posed with various challenges and one being learning motor vehicle driving for everyday commuting.

A profesional driving school will surely help to learn driving on BC roads safely and economically. The professional instructor will guide you on how to drive on mountain roads, in snow, on frosted black iced roads, what are speed limits, what is sign language and alot more to be able to successfully acquire your driving license.

Brar Driving School is located in BC Abbotsford, One of the fastest growing community in Canada. We are serving as professional driving instructors since 2005. Brar Driving School has helped hundreds of new immigrants and new drivers in Abotsford, Mission, and Aldergroove communities to achieve their driving goals and license. We have very professional instructors including a lady instructor. We extend our services to pick and drop off, lend vehicle for driving test and arrange for the driving test dates.

We at Brar Driving School believe that a happy and satisfied customer is our biggest asset. Accordingly, our fee structure is low, our services are professional, we have two vehicles capable of giving driving lessons, we have lady instructor in our team and we have added first of its kind online practise knowlwdge test service in two languages, English and Punjabi! We look forward to serve you better. Get your driving lessons from us and drive safely!